Enriching the lives of Kansans through advocacy for wellness, education, and stimulating arts culture.

Kansas Free for Arts aims to inspire generations of Kansans to pursue greatness through creative endeavors. Kansas Free for Arts strives to empower individuals and their communities to maximize their potential for personal and communal growth. 



 thriving through creativity and collaboration

Kansas Free for Arts strives to create a culturally vibrant Kansas whose thriving economy is fueled by a happy, healthy and well-educated population. 




The arts possess therapeutic properties that are experienced by persons observing the arts, as well as by persons partaking in the creation or performance of the arts. These unique therapeutic properties can serve as a catalyst towards developing a healthy community. Kansas Free for Arts empowers its patrons by providing programming that focuses on engaging creative arts experiences.  


Research has concluded that involvement with the arts and arts programming increases students' scores in math, science, reading and communication. Kansas Free for Arts advocates for the arts and provides arts-based educational programming in order to supplement traditional curricula with unique and creative learning experiences.

Professional development

In recent decades, increasing numbers of communities are tapping into the extensive benefits that investment in local cultural economies brings. The arts are proving to be enormously valuable assets to communities who choose to support and advocate for creative industries. Kansas Free for Arts features programming on professional development for aspiring artists, thereby enriching the creative economy within the community.