Open Arts Studio

The KFA Studio was opened in downtown Emporia in May 2017. The KFA Studio has been at its current location of 7 E. 7th since March 2018. The Studio was founded through a generous grant provided by the E.L. & Z. Irene Hopkins Foundation of Emporia, Kansas. The KFA Studio is staffed entirely by volunteers and university-level interns who help implement a variety of arts activities to engage diverse abilities and interests. The Studio provides a community space for artists of all ages and abilities to connect with others through the creation of art and music.

Spring 2019 Hours:

Mondays: 5:30pm-8pm

Tuesdays: 5:30pm-8pm

Wednesdays: 4pm-7pm

Thursdays: 5:30pm-8pm

Fridays: 4pm-7pm

Stop by our Studio for program details!

Community Outreach

Advocacy for stimulating arts culture grows with community engagement. Although day-to-day operations take place at the the Studio, much of Kansas Free for Arts' programming occurs within the community in the form of various arts-based events. These outreach events are open to the public and often free or at low cost to attendees. Different types of outreach programs have included events such as; community concerts, professional demonstrations, workshops, pop-up studios and more via strategic community partnerships, . Kansas Free for Arts collaborates with local like-minded organizations in order to more effectively serve our community.  

Kansas Free for Arts hopes to positively affect the City of Emporia and surrounding areas by fostering a growing interest in the community's cultural economy, as well as engaging public participation in the arts through the creation of continual community outreach opportunities. 

Kansas Faire for Arts

Kansas Faire for Arts (The Faire) will be an annual community-wide arts and music festival proposed for downtown Emporia in late summer/early fall. The Faire will host a blend of fine arts, crafts, music, and other artistic talents. The Faire will host a myriad of musical performances and visual arts showcases from artists ranging in experience from world-renowned professionals to aspiring Kansas arts and music students of all ages. The Faire will be free of cost for the public to attend.

Kansas Free for Arts' objectives of advocacy for wellness, for education and for stimulating arts culture aim to contribute to the growth of Emporia and the greater community. Recent research indicates that communities that adopt a culture of support for the arts and creative industries experience significant increases in revenues as a result of the stimulation of their local cultural economy. The Faire is intended to create a positive impact on the community's economic prosperity by stimulating regional interest in Emporia's community culture.

In addition to supporting Kansas Free for Arts' mission and objectives within the community, Kansas Faire for Arts will provide a new opportunity for Emporia to attract regional and national visitors to the community and thus contribute to its continuing growth and prosperity.